An Introduction

Greetings everyone! Looks like you’ve stumbled on my blog. I’m Melinda, and this is the blog I will be using for the “Weblogs and Wikis” class I’m taking this semester.

Alright, some things about me.

  • I’m in college, obviously
  • Before college I was a homeschooled 4-H’er
  • At heart, I’m still a homeschooled 4-H’er
  • My dream career is to work in habitat management and conservation
  • I spent 10 months in the Conservation Corps (which I love to talk about, for reals)
  • I spend most of my free time on my Tumblr or doing crafty things (like knitting and crochet)
  • Here’s my Twitter as well
  • I like to think I’m a writer, but usually I just fumble around in perpetual writer’s block
  • I have the coolest, sickest,mosy awesome boyfriend in the entire world (he wrote that, typos and all)

And… Yeah, that’s pretty much me in bullet point form. This post will conclude with a picture of one of my favorite dog breeds: the corgi/husky mix.


7 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. I love doing crafty things, too! I’m not so great at knitting and crocheting, though – I always lose track of things, like which stitch I’m doing… Haha. And I love those dogs, too!

  2. That’s so cool that you were in 4-H! I wanted to do it at one point, but I was so shy at the time and didn’t know anyone so I never really got into it. There’s a county fair close to where I live, though, and I always enjoy walking through the 4-H buildings and seeing the projects, crafts, paintings, collections and other things they bring in. Did you ever enter anything in a fair like that?

    • Oh boy did I ever! I started when I was 5, and over the course of 14 years I think there were only like 5 project areas I DIDN’T do. I was an expert in getting lots of projects done, and I often entered 15-20 a year

      • I know I said this before, but honestly: That is so cool! I always think it’s so fun when you can get involved in something that completely motivates you.

        I can see why you still consider yourself to be a homeschooled 4-H’er!

  3. I like how you’ve now made it acceptable to randomly post pictures of cute animals. I will definitely be following you example. =)
    I also struggle with the writer’s block…there might be a writer inside of me but I just haven’t found it yet.

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