On Social Media and Personal Info

Like most people my age, I was taught growing up that I should never put anything on the internet that would identify who I was or where I live. No last names, keep location vague (usually only posting what state I’m in as that only narrows it down so much). However, more and more I see people putting more and more information out there. A lot of the blogs I’m following for my Weblogs class have posted what school they’re going to (might as well say it then, Bemidji State).

So where is the line that determines what is or isn’t safe to post on the internet? #en3177, what are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “On Social Media and Personal Info

  1. I have been thinking about this a lot as well. I’ve always been careful about what I post online, not only due to being taught to be careful but because I generally like my privacy. However, in the last year or so I have become incredibly lax about it. I have noticed that the more I use online social networking, the more I am willing to post certain personal information. I think it is becoming the norm to over share online, growing into our virtual personas rather than people with lives outside of the internet (if that makes sense… It’s not like this for everyone, and definitely some more than others, at least that’s how I see it). One day the trend may go back to enjoying privacy and not divulging much of anything, or so I hope. Then I can be that old hipster saying I liked my privacy before it was cool.

  2. Well I’m one of the people who said which University I attend. A reason I did this is because it’s only temporary and since I’m already published on Cre8, people would find out anyway (same with the last name). Mind you I always hesitate before I put anything online. I would never post where I live on a blog and I would never put pictures of my family online or even mention their names. I would feel that I was invading their privacy, since my family is very cautious about putting information online too. It is scary, but sometimes it has to do with what a person wants to do for a living. For instance, I want to write and therefore I need my previous pieces to be included in my growing portfolio. With it being so easy for people to copy and paste and claim a piece as their own, I want my name to be on the original every time so that there is as little question as possible. There’s always a risk when you put information on the web, just as there is always a risk when you get into a car. The question you then have to answer is, “Now that you’re at risk, are you going to be smart about it?” Some people think that their privacy settings will keep them perfectly safe, but in reality the setting are only the seat belt and airbag. They aren’t guaranteed to save your life in an accident, but they do increase the chances of your surviving it.

  3. As I get more involved at BSU and just in life in general, I stop worrying about keeping every detail private and start thinking about what will show up in a Google search anyways. For example, my University, campus involvement, name, jobs etc. will show up on my LinkedIn. I show up for several different things regarding BSU. Since it’s going to show up there and I love my University and want to be affiliated with it forever, it has just become part of introducing myself to say my school/major/job/extracurriculars.

    But your post is a great reminded that the World Wide Web is exactly that-world wide.

  4. I’d have to agree with the above comments. I’m not saying that necessarily it is right to be posting so much information, just that it is hard to keep it “secretive,” in a sense. I would argue that the way that social media sites and just the internet in general is designed, that’s what it’s supposed to to is to coax our information out of us to make it easy to exploit us as people. One of my professors once said that, Facebook is pretty much a handwritten advertisement on our self. I’d agree, so much of marketing is collecting data an look how easy we’re making it. I think that we need to be aware of what we’re putting out there, make ourselves be more conscious. Because we’re not, hell I’m not. Put on my blog I live in Bemidji, but I have yet to figure the whole WordPress privacy settings out yet… For instance my Facebook, is completely seclusive, you need to be my friend to see anything besides my profile pic, and I need to approve everything on my timeline. I’ve even made it more difficult to tag me in photos. …

    Anyways, bottom line, I think we need to be cautious of what we post. Not saying that people are out there searching for us specifically…. but then again, I’m not saying that they aren’t!

  5. Frankly, I have given up on any illusion of privacy. Maybe that is not a good thing, but there it is. As soon as a I became a state-certified speech judge with the MSHSL they listed my name, address, email, and phone number in their online directory. I just keep in mind that whatever I put out there is visible to everyone and am aware of my online persona being very public.

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