Finally Set Up My Feedly

And I’ve got to admit, I find to to be… redundant? I mean I’ve already got all the blogs I’m following compiled in the WordPress reader, so I don’t really see a reason to go through all of the hassle of following all the class blogs again just to do the same thing in a second place. Also, after playing around with the Feedly app on my phone, it seems cumbersome at best. I really just want to scroll through the posts, but there’s all this swiping and pages flying everywhere (Oh god I sound like my grandpa trying to figure out email…). I’m still going to give this a shot, but I’m feeling quite pessimistic about it. Is anyone else feeling that way?


6 thoughts on “Finally Set Up My Feedly

  1. I follow many different blogs, but with the WordPress reader I can’t organize those blogs into categories, like I can with Feedly (blogs for this class, food blogs, news blogs, etc). So I get what you mean, it might seem redundant to use another reader, but I actually prefer Feedly. It’s also easier for me to view new blog posts with Feedly because I can view most if not all of them on one page, vs having to scroll down constantly using the WordPress reader. But, I only do the blogging on my desktop computer so I don’t know if there is a difference when using a smartphone, tablet, etc (ease of use between the apps).

    • That does explain how it could be useful. I guess I’m just not following enough of a variety of blogs to bother with categorizing, and since they’re mostly all on the same site it’s not really good for congregation. Maybe the solution is simply to follow more blogs lol.

  2. Well I haven’t successfully set it all up yet, but from what I’ve read so far I can understand what you’re saying. I think the RSS feed is supposed to allow you to look at several sites in just one place rather than going to each individual website to see if anything is new (I think that’s how it works). So to get the most out of it, I think you will have to link to more RSS feeds. Amber sure seems to like it, did you read her blog?

    It might clear up somethings. Though, like I said, I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

  3. I’d agree I hate having to set up and the ad and then categorize everything …. again an again. Lol but, I definitely like the RSS feed. Keeps me way up to date with all of you and the class. Making life way easier!

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