Bootcamp Week 2

This week has certainly been interesting, what with all the different things to learn about. RSS feeds, Creative Commons, Intellectual Property… And along with that continuing to try to post daily. I’ll admit, once the homework from other classes started to come in, it became harder to keep on top of my posts (I’ve only got 12 posts including this one). Hopefully with some better scheduling (both in scheduling my time and using the “schedule post” feature) I’ll be able to maintain a steady stream of original posts and comments on others’ posts. Having the WordPress app on my phone makes it much simpler to keep up with everything while I’m on campus, reading between (and sometimes in) classes. One of the other bigger difficulties I’ve had is figuring out what to blog about aside from assigned topics. I’ve done fashion, upcycling, music videos, social media, Disney, marijuana, and even a little venting about my computer. (I’ve also got a post in progress about hunting wolves and why it’s not totally evil.)

It’s been somewhat enlightening to read everyone’s opinions on Creative Commons and Intellectual Property. In this day and age (and in this demographic in particular) it seems many have similar views on how easy it should be to share creative (and educational) material. (In the case of educational things, that may just be because we’re tired of doling out our hard earned money on books. Seriously, is the ink of a textbook laced with gold? There’s really no other way to explain why they’re so damn expensive.)
Overall I believe it’s been an interesting 2 weeks, and I’ve learned many new skills already, such as using hyperlinks (because apparently it was much simpler than I always thought), adding pictures, and embedding videos in my posts.


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