Week Three Reflection

This week’s assignment was enjoyable, but it wasn’t without some difficult aspects. I chose shaping discussion on blogs as my topic, which I considered interesting to research. It was challenging for me to find posts that best exemplified how discussion usually functions and how shaping it can be difficult for the blogger, especially while keeping such examples strictly to “blogs”. This is why I expanded my definition of a blog to include Facebook, which Rettberg also considers very similar since (as Halie pointed out) it is a frequently updated sites with entries in reverse chronological order. I think that this ties in well with what we’ve been learning in general; what is a blog and how do they work?

I definitely feel that more could have been said about this topic (though in all honesty, one could always say more on every topic. There is always more to be explored and investigated), but I consider the work I’ve done to be fairly adequate in giving the audience a concise explanation of the topic. If I were to do it again, I would spend more time delving into a wider variety of blogs to see how they personally handled discussion with the audience. How do they contribute to the discussion, other than providing the starting point? How do they deal with troublesome followers? What do they do when an all-out internet fight breaks out?

Over this past week, I’ve sort of been in “lurker” mode. I’ve only actually made three other posts, which admittedly had nothing to do with this weeks work. I have been watching what everyone else has been tweeting, and I’ve read several WordPress posts as well, but my focus has been directed mostly towards my other 4 classes, especially my 4000 level wildlife management class, so I haven’t been as active in the discussion as I would have hoped.

So, improvements to make for next week:

  • Try to manage homework better so I have more time for discussion
  • Investigate topics more thuroughly
  • Communicate more during the week via Twitter

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