Wednesdays are the Worst

The way my class schedule works out, most of my class time is MWF. Tuesday’s technically longer, but more spread out. Thursday is the second easiest day, and Friday is the first. Monday and Wednesday are identical.
So why is Wednesday the Worst? Because on Monday one is somewhat refreshed from the weekend, or at least they’ve gotten a little more sleep. Wednesday, however, is right in the middle. You’ve already suffered through two days, and you have another two after.
I think we could all use a mid- week nap.



3 thoughts on “Wednesdays are the Worst

  1. In my experience, Wednesdays are the longest to get through too. Once Thursday hits though, I tend to have smooth sailing throughout the rest of the week. Maybe it’s because this is the last night where I have something due the next day and that takes the pressure off a little bit. Although this week makes me think I’ll be working on homework straight through the weekend.

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