Greetings everyone! I’m EcoFriendlyFreak, and I’ll be using this blog to share and discuss anything related to the environment, conservation, and sustainability. This blog was originally set up as a part of a “Weblogs and Wikis” class I took, and all posts made for the class are tagged with and categorized under “#en3177” if you want to look at them specifically.

Alright, some things about me.

  • I’m in college, obviously
  • Before college I was a homeschooled 4-H’er
  • At heart, I’m still a homeschooled 4-H’er
  • My dream career is to work in habitat management and conservation
  • I spent 10 months in the Conservation Corps (which I love to talk about, for reals)
  • I spend most of my free time on my Tumblr or doing crafty things (like knitting and crochet)
  • Here’s my Twitter as well
  • I like to think I’m a writer, but usually I just fumble around in perpetual writer’s block
  • I have the coolest, sickest,mosy awesome boyfriend in the entire world (he wrote that, typos and all)

And… Yeah, that’s pretty much me in bullet point form.


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